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  • Match made in automation: Top 3 qualities in the hiring company and the candidate for MAP admin positions

    Want a job? Learn marketing automation. 

    Companies are struggling to find the right person to manage their marketing automation platform (MAP) as well as their day-to-day marketing operations. Marketo is definitely selling the solution at a much faster rate than the number of qualified admins. 

    As a former enterprise consultant at Marketo, it was clear that the lack of talent at companies using Marketo was a thorn in their sides. The last user group meeting I went to gave the floor to several eager recruiters to make a pitch... and then *cricket, cricket*

    Great MAP admins are great because they are self-motivated problem solvers who find ways to, get this, automate a buncha processes that were otherwise handled manually or not at all... 

    But not all companies or marketing orgs are ready for this rockstar because their initiatives are simple, repetitive, and a bit lacking in the strategy department.

    Feel me?

    Point is, marketing tech helps to define WHY we do what we do. Marketing is no longer the mystery discipline that can throw a poppin' happy hour or conference. 

    Earlier in my career, the director of marketing used to run recurring campaigns for the sake of saying we have campaigns scheduled on the calendar. Literally, just slapped campaigns on the calendar because it looked bare... 

    That kind of mindless marketing just doesn't cut it anymore. 

    Here's what all great MAP admins seek:

    Executive buy-in: If the executives in your company don't give a flip about staying current in marketing strategy and tacitcs, huge red flag. Who wants to join a company who is basically looking for a hamster in a wheel? (Who then gets all the blame for not generating enough leads!)
    Ongoing training opportunities: MAPs release new features and product lines ALL the time. Also, the MAP may not be the only tool in your portfolio. As long as you support training and education, your rockstar will continue to apply what he/she learns to the task at hand, plus this will help deter moments of boredom. 
    Competitive compensation package: Let's be honest, money is one of the easiest ways to attact great talent. A qualified MAP admin will return your investment with a leakage-free funnel and a smoother than jazz operation. 

    Now, here's what makes a great MAP admin:

    Strategic/Analytical thinker: You gotta understand the impact of what you do day-to-day on the overall strategy. Also, not only does having this tool make what you've been doing a lot easier, you should really be contributing to the discussion on what you now can and should be doing with all this power. Then back it up with reports.
    Attention to detail: When automating processes via triggers and workflows, you really need to pay attention to how your logic is being built. Otherwise, your reporting will be off or you'll send an email to 100K people instead of 10K people.
    Not Lazy: I bet you're like... "obviously". But seriously, this is an issue. People who just take up space in your office (basically on your org chart) yet aren't productive are what I like to call Squatters. They're good at doing the bare minimum and act like they're all busy. Friends have heard me rant about this before. Get ish done. Just sayin'.

    There are plenty of other qualities of course that should have been included in the above lists. I just chose to focus on three from both perspectives that I've seen get overlooked a lot. 

    I'd love to hear what your most sought after qualities are in the hiring company and/or the candidate within this space. Let me know what you think!

  • Uncomplicated Lifestyle

    Just watched this documentary, Bill Cunningham New York. I loved his dedication, passion, humility, and his love for his work. It's as if he was married to his work and had no time for anything else - but he was so satisfied, happy, and focused despite the long hours every single day.

    He worked day and night... but not many of us would be so willing to "work" day and night, especially for free. At one point he refused to get paid in order to maintain complete control over his creative direction.

    Documentaries like this and Jiro Dreams of Sushi celebrate individuals who follow Malcom Gladwell's "10,000-hour rule". And it's interesting how both of them choose to live very simple lives... which makes me question whether I've over-complicated my life with random vices and curiosities. 

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